Magic Angel

God molded her body just for me

her face, her chest, her hips

When I look at others, I see only


Its the tree itself I want

Its there I find my oxygen

God molded out her smile like a master magician

For in it has the magic of love.

All who see it and don’t know it

are either mad or empty.

I see it and I’m bewitched, like one of her animals

Except I’m much more the animal than they

Them she forgives.

Its to me her eyes are made in beady glare

the glare of anger in an angel

If I point her heart to anger or

to sadness or confuse her

I will run, for its her dream that matters

without that I am nothing.

And her dream is surely furthest and most distant from any anger

us human mortals can conceive


A friend in Love

Thinking about you again
It’s a curse I have to live with
Always wondering, what if?
What could I have done
to grab you in my arms
to never let you stray

I blew my trumpet
showed off my feathers
and I scratched at love in vein

With broken talons and broken sadness
I’ll slowly claw my way out
out of the depression of ‘What if’

out of the depth of my broken heart

I look to the divine to pour on loyal love

To dampen this emptiness

To rekindle my time

To free me from this face

These beautiful eyes

This figure

But most of all this heart

Just free me to find another.

Free me to find a friend.





Oh love I tried

Though on common ground I could not sit

No not her and I

Flawed in my mind

Pills now



3 months in hospital hell

Yet my mind still finds her

Yet I still love

Solitary Soldier of love

Unforgiven off to find a new war

,but all I truly want is to return home

home to the arms of the one i Sacredly coveted


Unconditional love, Divine mind

Some important things I feel I have been reminded of from Osho Fragrance recently

Unconditional Love brings Joy to all.

Osho Says: I want to be a free person, and yet I want you to be possessed by me; you want to retain your freedom and still possess me – this is the struggle… We must remain

individuals and we must move as independent, free consciousness. We can come together, we can merge into each other, but no one can possess us. Then there is no bondage and no attachment.

Love becomes a real blessing, a real celebration when love breathes fresh air, free from possessiveness and jealousy. There should be no judgement, no blame, no expectations and no attempts to control.

The soul can grow only in freedom – and unconditional love provides freedom.

Image of God –

Its written that god made man in his own image.

But the bible also teaches that god is love.

God says he is a Jealous God, he says to fear him.

So comes the confusion, but yes we do fear love.

We fear being hurt emotionally by it.

It can also hurt us mentally if our actions weigh on our mind.

So we must absolutely try to walk the course of right action

And never should we believe we are no longer savable,

Because God gives up on nobody.

He is divine love, If you move toward the right path to start expressing and

being the whole of that love, the mind will weigh less.

The mind will start to clear.

This reality, this life we live with others and our planet its all a divine paradise,

It’s a game, a divine play, but its by his rules, if we don’t play by the rules we get hurt, but more importantly we can’t find that which we seek so dearly, don’t find true love.

The bible lays out the laws of marriage and how a man and his wife should be, And you know mostly you will find that the simple folk and lead lives pleasing to him, that don’t complicate their life with too much knowledge are often happier for it and get much closer to the love.

It’s usually the fools running around with some form of grandiose ego that end up furthest from it.

Nevertheless, we have only got our mind and our body and our spirit, under the one divine mind, we have our own imperfect understanding of how to be the whole of love, but we are here to learn and grow into that perfection by using that imperfect understanding the best we can to reach that depth that is within us in its own unique depiction.

But we cannot truly love if we don’t embrace our fear of being hurt by it.

We cannot experience that highest altruism.

But true-love is unconditional, if you cannot let go of your love its not.

If you cannot give up on your love its not,

Becuz that’s a condition.

That you must hold it

and the you holding onto love can also become a form of ego.

Doesn’t mean we break our promises, or loyalty to that love.

But we do need to emotionally empty ourselves in order to be refilled again.

Our emptied love transitions out of us in an abundant energy that nourishes all things

with its energy of purity and unconditional joy.

If we hold onto it too much, it doesn’t even feel as amazing as it should, because it ends up being self love over other love which is just not respecting love in all its aspects. The most amazing feeling of love is found when we let go of our own ego and let ourselves be open to all the pain and joy that goes with its dissolution and its reemergence as more and more the whole of love.

And this holding on can be a form of suffocation, we can become intoxicated to which builds us up to greater and greater knowledge and understanding and power seeking. The desire to clench love and never let it go is most certainly not to be the whole of love.

By coming together in the form in the way GOD designed, we can find relief.

In the bible the terms of marriage are laid out, it even goes to say a woman’s body belongs to the man, and the mans body belongs to the woman.

But who’s holding onto these understandings is it the EGO? or the SELF?

Our true self of course comes out in our own expression or the image of god, not god.

The ego in a sense is us, the mind itself is the inter-collection of all being.

We don’t naturally start out with true-self.

We grow all aspects of our self, call it the 7 chakras or what you will but we develop these things until we are ready for “enlightenment”.

Learning to love as an image of what god would.

Love is born in mediation, meditate on the moon feel its silvery splendor.

Love is free’d

The mind isn’t to be feared, but watched.

Osho says it simply stops on its own, it cannot be controlled.

But if you don’t know how to be the whole of love guess what.

You will be shit scared of your mind.

Because your mind will come at you with a ton of bricks from your

‘unloving actions’.

Also love is sumtimes taking in that damage for the other person, filling yourself with the stinging shrapnel so they can breathe easier, sometimes you have to also become a Pariah for love in your endeavors to love. Thought don’t forget to keep staying as the unattached witness, and see if the ego takes over the job.

We must have real awareness, presence and no discrimination over your actions toward the truth, to make this ascending path an easier ride.

Sometimes the truth just looks like a flat out lie. And we can only ever know later that it was a necessary step.

If we have a strong will we can follow the path of will, we can dive into the deeper ends and accelerate the process somewhat… But if our mind isn’t clear it will smash us with our evolution and break our will so we can be rebuilt again. So god will say, are you ready for this, in his own way and either give you the pain you deserve to teach you a lesson, or bless you.

You will either pop like a balloon.

Or you will hold fast.

and this is important to know

The prophet Isaiah wrote (9:2), “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.” Mary Baker Eddy says in the Christian Science textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” (p. 504), “The rays of infinite Truth, when gathered into the focus of ideas, bring light instantaneously, whereas a thousand years of human doctrines, hypotheses, and vague conjectures emit no such effulgence.”

The irresistible Christ is the power of Mind. There is no healing, no redemption, no salvation but by this power. Healing, redemption, and salvation are not in matter. The power of Mind is the Messiah, and salvation depends upon the demonstration of God as the Mind of man. The Christ, Truth, must be lived and practiced, not theorized about.

There is no deliverance from material sense so long as we think of ourselves as frail, finite objects living in a big extraneous world, a belief which is fraught with fear and helplessness. One of the fundamental facts of the Science of Soul is that Mind, or Principle, is not in its idea; but idea is forever in Mind, and Mind is the one and only Ego. Thus individual spiritual man is not a separate, finite ego, as personal sense would have us believe. He exists to glorify God, and he reflects or expresses the eternal, infinite individuality or Mind, which includes within itself every expression of God, from the least to the greatest.

So the more you suffer correctly from your wrongs, the better you can absolve your karma. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get it perfect each time. Or that you should ever consider you can be perfect in your love.

It’s necessary to stay as the witness of the mind – to chip away at the stone of ego for a while like a sculptor, And fashion the more finished beauty.



Morning Nature, Night-time Nurture

When I open my window,

In the morning

I like to look outside and see what kind of day awaits me

I like to go outside

and sit in the sand

there i meditate on whats at hand

Then I look about at the birds

chirping quietly

chirping noisily

often ants find their way onto my torso

sometimes they bite

sometimes i make them take flight

with a breath of air

Tonight i will dream

of things unseen

Tomorrow i will sleep

from things seen

Perhaps next week

I’ll open my window

and find there is something new

but i doubt it because this is just fine

because I love it through and you


I want to be as a child,

I want to play with you in the garden

I want to lie in the sand and stare at snails

I want to plant things

and grow

I want to weed the garden with you

I want to wrap my arms around a tree

and catch your hands half way

so we form a circle

united in nature

I want to be lazy in the sun

Drinking any nectar

Nibbling any snack

I want to embrace this life

With you in childlike innocence

Where nothing is wrong

and all is fun


Joyfully become whole

Do you feel it rising?

This is Joy.

Do you feel it rising?

This is love.

Do you feel it rising?

This is God.

Do you feel it rising?

Infinite love, sparkling divinity

Do you feel it rising?

It’s given to all.

The electric fire inside.

The creators blessing.

Grace a Capulet

A tantric alignment

A source union

Where two become one


Forging True-self .

Here I have no limits, I have no boundaries.

I’m like a blacksmith at a foundry.

I make my swords in any shape.

No dull blade will I make.

My swords are softer than steel.

My will is harder than iron.

My blacksmiths heart is like a lion.

The armour I forge is lightly worn,

it blocks not swords, but it absorbs.

Made from malleable substance

It provides shelter from the winter,

warmth from the cold, or defence.

Shimmering into any shape or form,

its love adorned.



If I could lay my head on the lap of an angel.

and sleep in her arms of forgiveness.

I would be blissfully content.

I’d dream like a child

I’d smile like a baby

But I’d wake a man

Then a man could stand, no challenge to his pride.

In the morning you’ll be with me.

Love will open my eyes.

You might not be there.

But I will see you.